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Simple to use API for unlimited Google searches, images, news, SERP listings, and SEO.

Marketing Just Got Simpler

Perform Google Searches in a matter of seconds

Actionable Data
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Made by developers for developers

We make it our mission to put developers first. Much of the complexity is on our end.

We designed our API to be simple so users can perform complex queries with a just an API call.

Made For Developers + Marketers

We created this solution to make it easy for everyone to perform automated Google searches in a matter of minutes.

React Faster

Get search results in real time so you can focus on turning search results into actionable data.

Learn from data

Results are in JSON format making the data easy to parse and work with. Building data driven products just got easier.

Setup workflows

Managing a Google web scraper is time-consuming. We handle the browsers, proxies, and CAPTCHAs with our advance automation.

Scale up

We use a serverless architecture so it scales with demand. We automatically rotate IP addresses with each request and retry failed requests.

Key Features

Access integrations and new features in a matter of seconds

Get Started In A Breeze

Signup completely free. Get an API Key, and start marking queries. Upgrade anytime if the free tier doesn't meet your needs.

We Got You Covered

Helping businesses get more visibility into their marketing performance.

Advance searches with geographic locality such as languages, and country
Extremely fast and accurate search results. Zero proxies required.
Each query is private and encrypted. Privacy is important to us.

Grow Your Business

Every business matters, learn how we handle it.

Every business matters. We give you tools to succeed.

Get the data you need to grow and build your business.

Let us worry about the technical infrastructure and complexity of running an API service.

Online stores
Finance services

We're Trusted

Used and trusted by 100+ users.

Amazed by the product
The API is extremely easy to use and results are very reliable.
Software engineer
My tasks are now painless
Easily integrated into our services, and full automated.
Very nice support
Love the documentation and community support.
Automated my job
Reduced our daily tasks and made our workflow 200% more efficient.

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